February 2013

The market slow down in a single family residential sourced in two main factors: The genaral public who stands by due to government and bank tighten up lending criteria and the period of the year which is a typical slower than spring and early fall. It is, however, slowly bounces back up towards both more sales and strong prices, including Multipile offers, as demand is strong. Overall, healty market!

The condominium market, however, is more complicated and the slow is anticipated to hang around for a longer time, due to, in addition to the government and banks, over supply of units and developments and too many small units, as opposed to bigger units.

The Commercial market is doing excellent, both leases of retail, offices and sales (investments and users). We can also notice a strong activity in the Apartment units sales, especially single residential converted to multi unit apartment. The market is very active and it is anticipated to be the same for the upcoming future.

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